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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Church Property 1885

According to the record made in the State census of 1885, Cherokee County had the following religious denominations:  The same also gives value of church property (church buildings) and the seating capacity of each building belonging to the same:
Baptist, church property $2500 seating capacity 200.
Adventists church property $4000 seating capacity 200.
Christians, church property, $2500 seating capacity, 200.
Congregationalists, church property, $8,800 seating capacity 750.
Episcopal, church property, $2000 seating capacity, 175.
Methodist, church property, $18,980, seating capacity, 1520.
Presbyterian, church property, $7,000 seating capacity 350.
Roman Catholic church property, $13,800 seating capacity, 650.
Total church edifice property, $50,750.  Total seating capacity, 4,225. I realize that these numbers are for the whole county, but they are amazing to me. It just shows how important that religion was to these folks.
"Going to Church" not only provided spiritual solace, but a place to socialize with their neighbors, and for the children to picnic and play games after services. Many parents did not take no for an answer or "I'm too tired." 
The ministers were poorly paid, so the parish invited them to meals, carried meals to them as well as things from their gardens etc.
My grandmother's family Bible holds records for generations of deaths, baptisms, marriages, etc. It is huge and the pages are fragile. Hopefully, someone in my family will want to care for it. It is especially beautiful at Christmas time, because it has colorful pictures in it.
The next chapter in the book is boring to me. It tells about plats of land that are defunct and made active etc. 
So the subject that we will think about are the politics of the county. Fun chapter.
See you next time!

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