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Friday, February 27, 2015


This next post to me, is hysterical.  I am going to stereotype for a minute, but in my mind's eye I see a sweet tiny lady with a bun on the top of her head, a pencil behind her ear, a high neck long sleeve blouse and a long dress. I can almost smell the ink in the presses and see the old wooden floors.
Ok, from now on, I am going to show quotes from the book exactly how the author says them. You, I am sure, will love this. Now remember, this is an encyclopedia.
"As well informed as scholars are in this the noon-day of the nineteenth century, none are well enough versed in ancient day history to trace out the first school system (if such it may have been styled), that at the very dawn of civilization and human intelligence undertook to instruct the young. It appears like some fixed star, which has been for ages lost in the far-away sky of mythology and is today obscure in the shadows of the dim and misty past.  We Know something of the history of the schools of old Babylon, at least 3,000 years before the advent of the Christian era---schools of medicine-schools of science--even in the Chinese Empire.  We have a fair idea of the schools in Egypt in Moses' time, and the schools and lyceums of Greece, back to the siege of Troy.  However, but comparatively little is now known of the mode of teaching in those earlier days, and not until the fifteenth century does it appear there was much in the way of intelligent effort toward the instruction of the masses.The history of education has been a varied one.  The Puritans had no sooner landed and established themselves on the wave-washed and stormy coast of a wild New England shore than they planted the precious seeds, the germ of which is the vital part of our great free public school system.  These seeds  were sown deep, and  roots were far-reaching and sufficiently strong to enable them to endure the storms and trials of two and a half centuries, yet unshaken, not disturbed or interrupted in its onward course, or in the least caused to lesson its grip on the free and native soil.
This system, with such modifications as time and surroundings dictated, was brought from that far-away shore the land of our forefathers, where they turned their faces toward the setting sun; and some of these precious seeds, thus sown, have found lodge-ment in the great State of Iowa, which today ranks first in point of education among the galaxy of forty-two brilliant State-stars, now comprising our Union!"
For now I will quit quoting the "book".  The author goes on some more about the prized subject of Education. We will continue next time about that and our Cherokee County education.
Just a thought about how the internet would write about the education of Cherokee County and it's origin. 

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