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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Educational Part 2

It is conceded by all thinking minds that the safety and perpetuity of our highly prized republican institutions depend upon the diffusion of intelligence among the masses of the people--for we are a self-governed people. The statistics from prisons and almshouses throughout our American domain furnish the most abundant proof that education is the best and cheapest care for crime and pauperism.  Again, education is the great equalizer of human rights and conditions. It places the poor and the rich on a more even footing, both social and legally.  It subjects the evil passions and morbid appetites of the rich to the restraint of sense and reason, and thus prepares the two classes for positions of usefulness and honor. Every consideration, therefore, impels us to sustain and improve our common-school system to the highest possible degree of efficiency.
Not unlike their Puritan ancestors, the little band known as the Milford Colony, together with the Ohio Colony, who effected the first settlement in Cherokee 
County, forgot not the benefits of the public schools, but at once established the same here in Iowa.
They came to the State when every act of the Legislature, for a series of years, tended to foster and encourage the public schools.
The Twelfth section of the act of Congress, establishing the Territory of Iowa shall enjoy all the rights and privileges hitherto granted to the domain of Wisconsin , from which it was taken."
This then brings us within the rights given by the third article of the ordinance granted by Congress July 13 1787--"That religious, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind,schools and all the means of education shall be forever encouraged." 
The people of Cherokee County have ever been in accord with these broad and liberal views concerning educational matters.
The "book" gives pages of reports of voting by township for the record by the School Superintendent Miss Eval L. Gregg's Annual Report made in October 31, 1888.
Next time we will visit about the males and females attending and what the school houses materials were made of.


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