Sunday, August 5, 2012

Remote OCS

Fran missed the news this morning. Our house is like a mental health facility. He is "surfing" and muttering and mumbling about no news...."I can't find it anywhere!" type stuff.
He is going to have callouses on his thumbs. He is going up and down so fast there is no way he can read what the movie is all about.
I don't help matters any by saying,"I have no idea why you want to watch the news, it is the same old junk they have every day; politics and politics."
He says, "but I want to watch the weather."
I say, "but it is all over with, and you know it didn't rain or blow us away."
Oh, If I could drive I would go shopping the rest of the day. Nascar starts in three hours and it is way to hot for even a short walk.
Oh, well, I have a new cookbook that my daughter sent me, so I will read new recipies.
Wish me luck with the "surf and turf" hubby and his disgruntled attitude. Oh, listen I hear the cowboys and Indians on in the background!  Nope, that is gone too now an old old movie. We will see how long that one lasts!