Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tax Time Then and Now

When I was a little girl, we lived on a farm. We had a tax man that nobody liked. He counted every bit of livestock, chickens, and even came in the house to see if our linoleum went clear to the wall on all four sides.
My mother always tried to be gracious to him like she was with everyone else, but I am sure it was at times difficult.
Taxes took the profit right off the top sometimes.
I do remember, though, that he never got rolls and coffee like other visitors.
Now days we don't live on a farm. I am sure that the farmers still are taxed on their animals, just like my folks were, but wall to wall linoleum? I don't think so.
I wish you all good thoughts at tax time, personal and federal, and state.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting the New Year Out Right!

This sounds so silly, but I just had to share this with you.
When my daughter and oldest son were about four and six, we had two bathrooms. Now 40 years later, once again, we have two bathrooms.
This has been a wonderful day. It is called relief with no worries.  We now have Marie, so there are three of us.
And...the only place we have for it is the laundry room!!  Who cares? Not me.
Well, guys off to go look at the pretty new commode.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty Woman Syndrome

My favorite movie of all times is "Pretty Woman."  In that movie she is all dressed up fit to kill to accompany Richard Gere, millionaire to eat snails for one of the courses in this ultra snitzy restaurant.
She was given a "tool" to crack the shell. When she attempted to do that the snail flew across the room and the waiter caught it. He reassured her and said, "It happens all the time."

I decided to have homemade beef vegetable soup tonight for supper with cabbage from our garden this last summer. Oh, yummy. I thought about my friend, Carole, because she always wanted honey butter with her cornbread.
I am not a big fan, but thought that Marie and Fran might like some.
I have no clue what happened. I used a teflon pan and greased it. The cornbread wouldn't come out, and all of a sudden the cornbread went flying through the air, but it landed on the serving plate.
The compliments were abundant (like silence). I was the only person that tried it. It tasted like wallpaper paste smells. I have a feeling that little "J" box has been in my cupboard for about 5 years. YUK!!!
My husband seldom laughs out loud. Usually just a grin. But this brought out the ha ha's.
Look at the paper plate that the piece flew on. Doesn't it look like a saltine cracker? Probably couldn't do that again.
You guys have a good week, probably won't be on again for awhile.

Happy New Year From Marie!

Marie would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. Last year was difficult to say the least. She broke her hip and had to stay in a rehab center for two months. She finally got home and two weeks later broke her wrist. She required a lot of therapy for that too.
Then her son Roland passed away in November. Thank goodness we live just up the hill so she has come to live with us.
Fran is remodeling that house to a great extent and it looks great.
Marie has settled in and seems to be happy. We and Marie hopes that this year is much better than the last one!!!