Monday, January 26, 2015

My Mama's Red Stilts

I read some comments on the website I enjoy about my hometown in Cherokee, Iowa. I learned yesterday that there over 900 people that belong to that site.
One of the people reminiscing was a gal that I knew that said she used her wooden stilts to go to the Cedar grocery store.
I thought I had used up all my old memories, but when I read that, I remembered a story that my mother told me about her red wooden stilts.
The stilts were a gift from her father. I remember him as very stern and I just can't remember him smiling, but when Mom told me about those stilts that day, she smiled and her eyes just sparkled remembering how much fun she had on those wonderful stilts.
It is really really difficult to think of  my 80 year old mother as an 8 year old having such a wonderful time with her new toys.

Hopefully I will have some new memories I can share this year.