Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did It Serve Her Right?

I am putting this picture on my blog today because I doubt that anyone else has seen or has this picture. My daughter, Melanie, is five years old (left) The dress was given to her for her birthday by my sister, Rosie. My niece, Julie, is my sister's child. If you look carefully, you can see she is carrying her horse. She adored them. My oldest son, Joe (on the right) He was three.
I do believe that my cousin, Bruce gave me some pictures to scan when he was here that I didn't have. My mother lived in a trailer court as you can see there are some trailers across the street from her. If there was a lot of noise over there my mother would creep in the dark to look out the window to see what was going on. One night she broke her toe. I told her it served her right!

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Company Is Coming!

There is an old, old song called, “Company’s Coming!” I thought of that song this fall. We had company which was very cool.

I have such a very small family that having a cousin visit is a very big deal. I have only one uncle left and he is ninety four and sharp as a tack. His only child came to visit. He is so smart I couldn’t keep up with him. He knew dates for everything and kept asking me for verification. Finally I told him that I didn’t know and didn’t care. Everyone laughed and he said, “Boy I guess she knocked me down a peg.”

He brought with him a lovely lady friend who also had a wonderful sense of humor. She and my husband kind of sat and had no clue what my cousin and I were talking about. He had brought a photo album with him which I was absolutely fascinated with. There were pictures that I had never seen before and were in very good shape. These photos were about fifty to seventy years old.

We talked about my uncle a lot. I told my cousin stories that he had never heard before about my mother and his dad on the farm.

I asked him if it was okay if I put a post about his visit on my blog. He assured me that it was fine. His visit was about two months ago. I am sure he thought, “boy she was really excited about my visit.” The fact is, that Fran got sick, and I got started on Christmas and Thanksgiving. We took quite a few pictures outside which made a nice background. Hopefully we will get to see them again. Thanks for the visit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have you ever forgotten something at the store to make something special? I just wrote a post about lists not too long ago. Yesterday I wrote about candy thermometers. I wanted to make peanut brittle. Hmm, well guess what, I had only dry roasted peanuts because I forgot peanuts for the candy.

Fran kept coming out to the kitchen not only to “help” but to give me “helpful” comments about the color of it especially. He had never seen peanut brittle a fawn color. He said he had always seen a chocolate color. I told him I had never seen chocolate colored peanut brittle. Things were getting a bit heated in the kitchen especially when the syrup was getting thick. He wanted me to dump it out immediately. On and on!

Well we chilled it out on the covered porch where it was 20 degrees. In a few minutes it shattered when dropped on the counter. And..I might add it is delicious. I think from now on I will only use dry roasted peanuts or for that matter, any kind of peanuts I have. Leftovers are wonderful! Oh I did find a recipe for using dry roasted peanuts, so I wasn't so talented, doggone it!

Just to show Fran how nice I am I got on to see if ever in history there had been a recipe of molasses and brown sugar peanut brittle. They had a hand written cookbook from 1912 that was called Grandma’s peanut brittle. Of course, there was a lot of hooting and hollering from the “peanut gallery.”

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Candy Thermometer

I can remember my mother making candy at Christmas time when we lived on the farm. I was just a little girl then, but my mom always wanted me to learn how to do things, especially in the kitchen. I think that was to make up for not being able to do hand work. Lol

If the recipe said “soft ball” then she would drop just tiny bit of the syrup in really cold water and mold it with her fingers. When it made a soft little ball it was done. There was hard ball and hard crack as well. I loved to help with hard crack. When we would put a tiny bit of syrup into the cold water it would actually crack. Plink! That was when she made anice candy.

Since those days, they have invented the candy thermometer. Oh my, how easy it is to make candy now a days.

Well, I have been a bit nostalgic this year. All of these old memories have come slamming back to me. Not making me sad, but with a lot of smiles too.

I think my sister, Rosie, made some of my favorites. She made cookies with chocolate kisses in the middle. She frosted a zillion cookies with my mom one year even when she was very very sick. I think she made fudge that did not crumble, did not run to the edge of the pan etc. I am describing my fudge if you haven’t guessed already.

My mother made a yummy peanut butter fudge. Oh, it was so good!

I made divinity that was flavored with different flavors of Jello. That was really good too. Like my mother, I taught my daughter, Melanie, how to do that. That took a candy thermometer to do that for the syrup to be just right. I say that, but my mom made popcorn balls with red and green syrup without a candy thermometer.

Oh, the good old days. I thought I was going to have to do it without one today, but Fran found mine, so I guess I have to make candy now. I think peanut brittle. Yes, that sounds good.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gulp And Swallow Hard

Once in awhile, something will come to mind, or a person that looks like someone else, birthdays of someone who is gone etc.

I miss my children something fierce. I mean the little children. This is a picture of two of my daughter’s children “helping” decorate their tree. Oh the days that my little ones “helped.” We often had to put our tree up on a table to Keep it away from my little one. One year when we got our tree home we discovered that the trunk had a severe case of scoliosis. That poor little tree had to have a piece of twine around it and nailed to the wall. Oh the stories of Christmas!When I saw this beautiful picture of my grandchildren. I saw the quiet twinkling lights and my grandson on his tiptoes stretching to put on his decoration. My little boy would do the same thing. In the winter before Christmas the children would make chains out of green and red construction paper to decorate the tree with. And…of course, the very few glass decorations I had left, two or three hit the floor by accident and the paper chains were more dominant that year.

Presents had to remain hidden because it was just too much for little fingers and mama’s nerves to keep the gifts safe.

Yes, Oh how I miss those days. Gulp and swallow hard.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you have been reading my little comments on Facebook lately, the majority of them tell about her needing a new furnace this week. Well, after the furnace was installed it was easy to tell that the new one was smaller than the old one. Having that said, Fran needed to build a new wall for it. He forgot his drill so I took it down to him this morning. His mom was standing there watching him
I said, "why don't we go in the living room, I want to ask you some questions." Well, she took off like a shot. I get such a kick out of her. For ninety five years old she is amazing. I know, I have said that before. I just need to impress that upon you. For instance. On her blog, Marie's Memories I put a post up yesterday that showed her four children posing with their Christmas presents in 1955. In the background was a television. Fran said that television was never moved from that corner. ANYWAY, for fun I asked her what brand that television was and almost immediately she said, "it was a Phillips." That television was new in the fifties, so in my mind it was about sixty years ago. However, I remember the name of our new television too, it was an Admiral. Huh, how about that. I know it was only fifty years ago. lol

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music; The Therapy Of Generations

When I am sad, I listen to sad music. What kind of sense does that make? When I am happy, I listen to music I could dance and sing to.

When I am missing people that have passed on, I want to hear their favorite music or music by their favorite singers.

When I want to praise God, I worship by singing my favorite hymns. Hymns that I heard every Sunday when I went to church with my family.

During sessions in the Alzheimer Unit during the years I worked with those people, music was the one thing they never forgot. I can remember one lady that couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat by herself, and couldn’t speak, but when I played a real good polka or a song with a strong beat, she tapped on her lap with her finger to the beat of the song. Someone besides me saw what she was doing and said, “She’s in there.” I thought that was such an interesting observation. Yes, she was “in there” by the music allowing her to show others and to make her quietly happy.

Right now I am playing a cd that Fran and I made a couple of years ago. It brings back memories of how much fun we had making those. He also made a cd of his own. I had him sing over forty songs until I thought it sounded good. He was almost hoarse. Well, we sent them out for Christmas presents. Among other problems, our bird Mertie enjoyed the music and just sang and danced. We got a call from one of Fran’s daughters and wanted to know if we had a bird. We were so used to him chirping that we didn’t notice that he was chirping on the cd music. We laughed, but decided that we needed to cover him up next time we recorded. At least Maggie didn’t howl. That would have been embarrassing. Oh, we also talked and coughed during the music. Oh well, we had fun.

Taps also bring tears to my eyes. The children’s father had a military funeral. The notes are ones of loneliness.

Rock and roll music bring back images of Dick Clark, and our youth center when I was a teenager. The song, “In the Mood” brings to mind my high heels and chiffon dress in a huge ballroom dancing until my feet felt like they were going to fall off.

The kids’ dad called slow songs “belly rubbers.” See how many things that are brought to mind by not only hearing music, but just by thinking of it.

What comes to your mind when you hear a song, did you dance to it, did you hear it in the car, a movie, a 33 record, a jukebox? I would be really interested. Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Peak Of The Fall Foliage

Fall Leaves

About five years ago my daughter gave my friend some money for a tree as a tribute to her mother whom had passed away shortly before. The tree is a tulip tree and has always stood tall and proud of its pretty leaves. This year the fall foliage is abundant on the little tree. My friend has a big picture window right by her kitchen table. At this view point she can look at her flowers and her little tree.

The gift that Melanie gave my friend will last long after she is gone, but will always remind me of her every time I look at that little tree. Those trees grow  tall and have gorgeous flowers and leaves. There is an expression in the Ozarks. People say if the price is too high on something, " boy they are sure proud of those" whatever it is. The tulip or magnolia tree is also very proud of themselves.

Spring Flowers

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes You Just Know

Have you ever had this feeling that something is going to happen and it is out of your control? Ever since I married Fran this feeling happens quite frequently. Fran absolutely loves a bargain. That’s why we go to yard sales, flea markets and estate sales.

Our neighbors are going to a huge flea market with all of their twenty year collection of “stuff.” Yes, I know, you all know that Fran doesn’t care about the weather, he’s just like a mailman let’s see, rain, snow, or dark of night!

Today we took off for the flea market. The temperature was twenty five and the grass was white with frost. I wore two sweatshirts and a very heavy winter coat. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was no wind. What a difference it makes to have sunshine on your face. Fran did tease me that I didn’t need blush on my face because my cheeks were pink.

The vendors were set up in a big circle in a grocery store parking lot. That was good for the grocery store and good for the shoppers to go in and warm up. And….. To purchase little snacks or groceries while in there; everyone wins.

We bought Maggie a new ball and a few groceries. We visited with our neighbors. They were selling a lot of things. We also visited with some people that we knew from a little town where I used to live. It was a fun morning and only cost eleven dollars altogether. I am afraid that our “shopping days” are over for a few months. Unless maybe Tuesday at the huge flea market…….

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Will I Ever Learn?

I have told you about my best friend several times. We have had more fun than any two friends usually do.

One day we went about fifty miles away to go shopping at a dress shop that carried name brand merchandise that ordinarily we could not afford. This particular day they had a half price sale plus twenty percent off for seniors. There are times when you don’t mind being a senior citizen. The day was bright and sunny and we visited and laughed on the way there. The sky slowly started to get kind of a gray color. I told Carole to look to the east. The sky was black. She told me that we were fine because storms never go from east to west. Ahem. By the time we got to the town it was pitch black. We dashed into the store and happily shopped away to our heart’s content. We did look outside and saw that it was raining the proverberial pitchforks and hammer handles. By the times we were done shopping the rain had stopped. However, Carole had left her window open. Oh, I laughed at her so hard. She did have a throw in the back so she just got half soaked.

After we laughed ‘til we hurt, we decided to go further north about another thirty miles to shop some more. The weather seemed good so we went to this adorable boutique. Neither one of us had ever been to. We spent money like it was water. We loved the clothes and one on one service. When we got outside, it was raining. Really raining. Guess what? I forgot to roll up MY window. Carole told me it served me right. Needless to say we were both so wet and miserable we didn’t want to shop any more, but we did go out and eat so we could laugh and call the other one the most stupid which ended up being me.

This morning we needed to go grocery shopping and I got in with a happy heart which quickly turned to unhappy. We had four inches of rain last night and I had my window down; only a half inch, but with all that wind and rain that will do it. I had to get a grocery bag to sit on. The title of this is “ when will I ever learn.” I just don’t think so. I just wish my best friend would have been with me, I miss her teasing me when we go shopping.

Friday, October 29, 2010


You know, the older I get the more forgetful I seem to be. I worked in long term care for almost twenty years and was always told memory problems were caused by an ailment not by old age. I believed that for all those years and still do for certain things. Alzheimer’s Disease causes forgetfulness and so do other diseases.

Not a single soul ever, ever told me that for each program on the computer you could use the same password. So for years I have come up with these cutzie little passwords for each program. So, as far as I can think back, I have asked about six different programs to reset my password. Then I have asked about four of them to reset them again. Then I have gone without using one program for a month because I was embarrassed to ask again. As I was sitting here typing I happened to look to my left and there on an old notebook it said “the name of the program and the password.” I just could not believe it! I could have swore that I looked in that notebook because it has all kinds of programs and passwords. In the future this will not happen again. I see no reason why all my programs cannot have the same password. You have to understand that I am not computer savvy or use it for much more than emails and my stories. I am not worried about someone hacking into it. I will miss my cute little passwords though. If anyone knows why I should not do this, please let me know.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Should I Become A Gamer?

Well. That’s a big word this fall. Well. I am not a gamer on Facebook or individual games that you can play on video stations. I do like television, however. I do like my one soap that I have watched for years and years. I like some mysteries and some comedies and a sundry of other things. I use television for “noise” in the house. I listen to it while I am on the computer and talk to it. I agree or disagree with it. It is like having company in the house.

Arguing with television is a safe way to win one. Yeah, no one yells back at me. You probably have figured out what I am talking about. Politics!! I am just about at my wits end with these commercials. Plus they upset my husband. He starts in on them and takes sides and calls them liars and on and on. It seems that he is not the only one. Where I live everyone really gets into arguing over the opponents. They don’t even know them, just the commercials that they have run on television! I don’t want to talk about them. I don’t want my television shows ruined by sneaking in a commercial with someone attacking their opponent.

I think debate is wonderful. After all, I was a teenager once! Debate if done right, has rules, has different things that need to be debated to get everything covered so that the voters can make their minds up intelligently. In my opinion, it is not necessary to trash each other to make themselves look good. In my opinion also, I guess that I will have to watch cable channels so that I will not have to put up with these negative trashy ads.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Make A List?

My dad worked in a newspaper office for most of his life that I remember. So my mother always had little scratch pads she called them that she made her “lists” on. She had the most beautiful penmanship, that her lists looked like something you would like to have for a keepsake.

Sometimes I think of that when I use the back of an envelope, the back of a receipt, the tiny space of a penny newspaper that has room for my scratching and many other silly things. I call them silly because it makes no difference what I use, I leave them on the kitchen table.

For the most part when we go to the grocery store and Walmart we come home with everything, but what we need. The other day I was determined to have a list made up. Fran went out to warm up the car before we left. I looked and looked for my list. I went out to the car and told Fran that I could NOT find my list. He just grinned and said “look in your purse.” There it was sticking up waving at me. Well the moral to this story is that you do have to put everything ON the list to GET everything. Once again we got home and forgot the one thing that I wanted. Oh dear, what to do about lists. Fran says to write things down as I use something up or close to it. What do you folks do?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being Married Means Not Being By Yourself

I just love football. I really get into it. I love the Kansas City Chiefs. I yell, I scream, I jump up and down, and I clap my hands and make lots of noise. They won the first three games, then a bye, then they lost to the Colts. I thought for sure they would win today over the Texans. They were ahead by four points until the last few minutes then they lost by just seconds.

Well, what I am trying to tell all my friends, family, and blog readers, is that just when the game was getting to the most exciting part, my dear husband says he is going to take a nap and “please turn the volume down.” I said, “okay” but inside I thought, “WHAT!!!!?????”  I sat in my chair with my mouth wide open with a pretend scream, and banging my hands together without making a sound. Good or what?

When my game was over, he got up and watched his team with a little more volume. However, I did get back at him. I said gently, “I think that you can make supper tonight since you are feeling so much better.”

What do you think guys, did I do good?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pink And Black Socks

I can remember never going out of the house without my hair done and make-up on. Things started to change when I moved to the country.

I complained to Fran a few months ago that the washing machine must have eaten my socks. I think I could find only two black socks and about six white ones. Fran took me to Walmart and bought me twelve pair. This morning we decided to go to Walmart. Guess what all I could find was one black sock that had gone through some bleach water. Yukkie brown is what the color chart would have called it. So of course, I changed them. After I had them both changed I looked and they were pink. One was pink and one was pink with white spots. It too had gotten bleached. Well, I thought, “big deal my shoes will cover them up.” My friend had had a fit the day before about my shoelace being too long and told me to tie it up so I double knotted it. I tried and tried and couldn’t get it loose, so I put a pair of bright red tennis shoes on. Yes!!!! I did it.

While I was at Walmart I looked at other outfits that looked a whole lot worse than my colorful socks. However, most days I do want to look nice so I will try harder to find all those socks that Fran bought me. Oh, and wear them too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Ready For The Big One!

I was raised in Iowa and lived in South Dakota for thirty years. In each state you “got ready” for the big one. The big one was a nor’easter and blizzards. Or.. The below zero temperatures or both. The getting ready though, always always makes me sad. The autumn colors are so gorgeous and the harvest moon and the cool-warm temperatures seem like blessings on your skin and your soul.

Okay, the getting ready is spending a fortune on your propane tank so you “are ready” to heat your home. You take a gamble on the prices in July through August betting on the best price of propane. Another thing you do is to fill your freezers with food in case you can’t get to town. I filled and filled last year and we didn’t have a power outage or a blizzard. That was okay I was ready. We got enough fuel to run the generator just in case, we filled the camper with antifreeze just in case.

Then another thing you do to get ready if you live in a house with a screened in porch, trailer or house, is to wrap the porch with plastic. I wrote about this last year, but it is worth writing about again. We wrapped the porch last year and it saved us almost fifty percent in heating bills. We wrapped half of our porch today from left over plastic. We have told our friends about this and now they are doing it too.

Raking leaves is also part of getting ready, but that is going to wait until spring this year. First of all I think that the repair man likes the yellow color of our lawn mower, or has given it to someone else, because he has had it for over six weeks. Fran is not able to ride on it anyway.

Fran did a little outside today. He rolled up the hose on the reel, he took the cushions of our lawn swing into the porch. Maggie looked so sad, she had claimed the swing as her own. Fran wrapped it in plastic and has plans about decorating it for Christmas. Then he spray painted the yard light with black paint. It was starting to get a real faded look. Fran has to be careful, but he is doing his part of getting ready for the big one!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It Seems Like Forever And A Day

For the last month or two our household has been centered around Fran. Those of you that are on Face book; you are aware of this. He has had two major surgeries and has been less than normal of his ambitious self. I am sitting here watching him getting his shoes on, he has blue jeans on and further more I believe he is going outside to do some blowing of leaves. With an admonishment from me to be careful. He didn’t answer me, just hooked up Maggie and away they went.

I hear the blower running. Last year I complained that he was constantly blowing leaves. He explained to me that our big old oak trees produced leaves that were not biodegradable. So…… all these leaves had to be gathered in piles and burned. The neighbors also burn and it smells like one big giant wiener roast. I have always loved autumn. Fran pointed out the leaves falling yesterday when we were going to the doctor. I said, “that’s why they call this season fall.” He groaned, I have no idea why.

Fran received fairly good news yesterday. The cancer had not invaded the muscle of the bladder, so now just maintenance doses of a special medicine to prevent it from reoccurring. Those doses start the middle of November. We really have a lot to be thankful for this year.

While Fran was sick, I did very little. I probably was a bit hoverie. Is that a word? Oh well, it says what I want it to.

Fran’s favorite food is spaghetti, mine is definitely not. Fran wanted it all the time, if not he told me to fix goulash. I wanted to cry!!! But, he was sick so he got what he wanted, not any more, he will eat a balanced diet. Lol

The one good thing about Fran being sick, is that I got to spend more time with his mother. She is such a dear. We told stories and laughed and had a good time. Her new hearing aide is just marvelous. She calls and says, “it’s me.” I love it!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ceramic Cats And Grasshoppers


My Maggie May is my precious shitzu-poodle and many other varieties I am sure. She has personality plus and Fran and I think as Maggie’s adoptive parents, that she is probably the smartest dog that ever lived and the cutest.

She has snappy brown eyes and has a psychologist on retainer for her breakdowns every night at eight thirty. She races through the house and growls and barks and and and. Then all of a sudden she collapses and goes to sleep for the night.

Maggie has shown me the signs of cowardly behavior on many occasions. She will jump at most anything that is not something that does not happen on a daily basis. Grasshoppers are really little demons that are on her list of scary things even though there are a gazillion of them in our yard.

This morning I moved lawn ornaments from around a big oak tree to a bare spot by a big shrub. One of the ornaments was a ceramic cat with ivy in it’s middle. Sounds awful, but it is really cute. Maggie sees it every day several times a day. However, she has never seen it by the front steps. She was on her way up the steps and all of a sudden she jumped a foot and started barking and growling. Do you know how dogs do? They put their bottoms up in the air, spread their paws far apart to show their opponents just who is going to win the fight. Maggie weighs fifteen pounds, is white and gray and even if it was a brown ceramic would never ever win a fight with that cat. Maggie makes me laugh every single day. As days go by I am so glad we have her to love and laugh with. Yes “with” I really see her smile with us sometimes.

Grasshoppers and Ceramic Cats

My Maggie May is my precious shitzu-poodle and many other varieties I am sure. She has personality plus and Fran and I think as Maggie’s adoptive parents, that she is probably the smartest dog that ever lived and the cutest.

She has snappy brown eyes and has a psychologist on retainer for her breakdowns every night at eight thirty. She races through the house and growls and barks and and and. Then all of a sudden she collapses and goes to sleep for the night.

Maggie has shown me the signs of cowardly behavior on many occasions. She will jump at most anything that is not something that does not happen on a daily basis. Grasshoppers are really little demons that are on her list of scary things even though there are a gazillion of them in our yard.

This morning I moved lawn ornaments from around a big oak tree to a bare spot by a big shrub. One of the ornaments was a ceramic cat with ivy in it’s middle. Sounds awful, but it is really cute. Maggie sees it every day several times a day. However, she has never seen it by the front steps. She was on her way up the steps and all of a sudden she jumped a foot and started barking and growling. Do you know how dogs do? They put their bottoms up in the air, spread their paws far apart to show their opponents just who is going to win the fight. Maggie weighs fifteen pounds, is white and gray and even if it was a brown ceramic would never ever win a fight with that cat. Maggie makes me laugh every single day. As days go by I am so glad we have her to love and laugh with. Yes “with” I really see her smile with us sometimes

Monday, September 20, 2010

Awkiie Pooh!!!


About once a month I shop at Aldi’s ,a discount grocery store. You can save a bundle there. You have to bag your own groceries and often the brand name things are not found there.

About three weeks ago I bought a soft drink called cherry lime aide. I like cherry lime aide. I drank a bottle of it and it was good. The other bottle I put in the pantry.

This is the season that hummingbirds are preparing to go to Texas for the winter. So what you do for the nectar is make it strong with sugar so they will have enough strength to get there from Missouri. I quit buying the nectar at Walmart because it was just too expensive. I generally save the Walmart jug and put my own nectar in it. Well, yesterday I happened to think about that cherry lime aide and went to the pantry. I then filled my iced tea glass with the pretty stuff and oh my goodness, it was so sweet I couldn’t hardly stand it. Of course, I didn’t stop at one swallow. I had left the bottle on the kitchen counter. Fran needed something to take his pills with and he took a swig of it and dumped his down the sink. After three drinks of this swill I dumped mine down the sink.

This morning I was making more hummingbird “juice”. I decided to use a water bottle for the new stuff because I couldn‘t find the old one. For some reason I said to myself, “oh no!” I ran to tell Fran and he just shook his head and said, “Thanks a lot, now I am really sweet.” He really is sweet, but saying it out loud is not necessary.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One More Miserable Thing

Can you believe it? Yup with everything else that has been going on around here, the lawn mower quit. Fran thought he would try to mow the lawn since he was feeling some better. After two days of letting it put and bang and with smoke coming out of it, he took it to the repair shop. That rider was only about four years old and it has been in the repair shop at least four or five times.

There is an alternative to mowing the lawn; a weedeater. I mean it, it works! Fran was not up to snuff (where did that expression come from?) Eww, I don’t want to think about it. So he was only able to work for short periods of time. I helped with moving things, pulling weeds and pruning roses. I only have two bleeding parts on my fingers and my arm to prove I helped.

We have a big porch that is screened in. Above the patio table is a ceiling fan that really helped to cool us down. The temperature was in the low seventies and the half hour that we worked made miracles in the yard. However, we have over an acre to mow, so I have a feeling we will have to beg, plead, and bribe someone to mow our lawn for us.

We have really good friends that will be back from vacation in a day or two and I have a feeling he will take one look at our yard and come right over to mow. God bless friends and family and on line friends.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank You So Much

I want to thank you all so much for your prayers, calls, and emails in support of Fran's surgery.
After yesterday's doctor visit we found out that there will be another surgery. However, we feel that if that will do the trick, that will be wonderful news. We again will have to wait, wait, wait again for the pathology report. It seems that is the worst part.
Once again, Fran and I want to thank you so much for  your phone calls and prayers.  Talk to you again in a week or two.!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just A Phase

Fran is feeling much better, but there is a lot of recovery to be done to feel one hundred percent. That might take months, but he and I are willing to put that kind of energy into the time and effort to get him back to the way he was.

To those of you that don’t know Fran, he is easy going, generally finds humor in most things, and loves his ninety five year old mother, his two brothers and sister, six children and his grandchildren, and a great grandchild, and me. I almost forgot me!

This morning the neighbors invited us over for coffee and Fran said, “ok.” I was a little surprised, but happy. He walked in and said, “well are we going to play cards, or not? Everyone was pleased. The name of the game was Phase 10. Hmm, thus the title and a play on words? Keep sending us your prayers, please.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking Off For Awhile

My dear husband is going to have surgery this morning, so I think I will give my attention to him in case he needs some home care. However, sometimes men tend to “milk” these things for all it is worth. Lol No, I love him and will be able to see right through it if he does do that.

I will be back on blogging away if all is well. See you soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kidnapped Chickens

Odd title do you say? Well you are absolutely right! It’s a dream I had last night. Okay first of all the light went out in our microwave yesterday. Very irritating however it did not affect the working ability of the thing.

M.S. struck me big time yesterday. I could hardly pick up my left foot. Several times I almost fell by kicking up a scatter rug. My thinking was not working at all. I thought several times about giving up and going for the shots. I have always been on the “no” side of the shot for fear of side effects. Well when you can’t even order your own medicine something has to change. I slept over four hours yesterday and still went to bed at nine o’clock. Well, getting to the title.

The Dream:

At times over the last fifteen years my medicine has given me bad dreams, but generally funny ones. This one has won the top award.

Enter stage right. Barbara Walters was getting married and I was going to “cover” the event with my camera and my journaling talent. Lol The limo was a huge Elvis style convertible. Pink by the way! The other thing that I was in charge of was keeping track of her flowers. I didn’t do that well at all. The flowers somehow flew out of my hands and got stuck on the back of the convertible and fell down on the street and got run over. Do any of you psychologists see the interesting similarities here?

Well, anyway Barbara fired me. The chicken that she had planned for her banquet was also missing because someone had kidnapped her chickens. I found out that she can be rather sharp tongued! She said I had to go through all the barns and sheds until I found all the chickens. I put up a bit of a fuss about that and she fired me again. I thought you know, I have never been fired from the same job twice so I quit! I got up this morning and laughed to myself about that silly dream. Every thing I dreamed had a meaning about my day yesterday except nobody kidnapped my chicken; we had ribs.