Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mother's Helper For Table Decorating

When I was a very little girl, I loved to help my mom; Probably more, in fact than she would have liked when she was having company. I think I have posted about the ladies coming to visit that mom called, "club ladies."
 My parents were very poor, but  that did not keep my mother from entertaining with style. 
She never used napkins for every day when I was little, but when the club ladies came she used napkins that resembled Vanity Fair napkins of our time.
I have been seeing them being advertised on television lately. Every time I see that ad I think of the "chore" my mother gave me to get ready for the ladies.
She would get my colors and the napkins out and let me color the flowers on the bottom.  If she had "club" in the spring she had me color the flowers yellow, and pink etc. If the ladies came in the fall, the flowers needed to be colored gold and rust and purple etc. The ladies always remarked on the lovely napkins on the table, and then of course, my mama told them that I had helped decorate them.

Another wonderful memory that has been hidden away for over sixty years.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doggie Preschool


Fran and I have done something this last week neither one of us ever dreamed we would do. We adopted ANOTHER dog.
Our little Maggie was also unexpected, but after three years we have gotten used to the temper tantrums, the sad looks that make us feel so guilty (planned on her part) etc.
We went to a flea market the other day and saw the most woebegone dog I have ever seen. He looked like a sheltie, had long fur that just glistened and great big brown eyes. The sign said FREE. We talked and talked and told the man we might be back but we doubted it.
However, we did go back into town and picked him up. He was scared to death. I don't blame him. He felt all of the proverbial orphan.
Fran took him outside and he marked his places over and over.
Well, Maggie's worst nightmare had just begun.
She barked and snapped at him like I had never seen her do before. He, of course, wanted all of her bones and toys even though we had gotten him his own.
And......the race was on!!!
Most people can't or won't believe this, but we got another dog because we were bored with our hum drum life. lol


After just a few days we have developed a schedule of Doggie Preschool. The part of the school day they like best is Recess. They even know the word "out" that means recess. They both race to the door at the same time. The "Kids" huff and puff as do I to keep with them.  Fran takes one door and I take another.

Now we have another problem, smaller than the first, but Maggie has developed a poor self esteem. She is not standing up for herself, so we have to be the disciplinarians to the new big brother.

Oh, Joy, to the life of being new doggie parents!