Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Right, Left, Center

A few weeks ago when my brother and his wife visited she was telling us about a game called R.L.C. She is an Activity Director at a nursing home. She said that this is a game they a few really enjoy because they can win some money.

She started telling me the rules and directions of this game. I couldn’t believe how difficult they were. I yelled, “how can you expect those poor people to be able to play that game, I can’t even follow you.”

A few days before we went to see my daughter and her family, she called and said, “make sure you bring twelve ones with you so we can play RLC.” My heart just sank. I thought “oh no, I can’t do this!” We went to the bank and got some ones even though I thought it was a lost cause. Of course, after dinner the first night, the kids wanted to play this dastardly game. Melanie handed out dollar bills and Fran got ours out etc. Immediately, the adrenaline started boiling in my veins and I was having fun fun fun! What a blast it was. You just think you are winning and somebody reverses the direction the game is going. When all the dollars are in the center but one, the guy that is still holding a dollar is a winner. Oh my gosh the pots were about thirty dollars because there was so many of us playing. I didn’t win, Fran didn’t win, but the littlest one with no front teeth did. She screamed and yelled, whooped and hollered. The game can be played  with chips, or coins of any denomination. It is very fast moving so children love it and so does Grandma Lu!! And now that I have read this for any mistakes a million times, I think I will tell you that R=Right L=Left C=Center. You shake dice that tells you what to do. There are plain dots on the dice also. There are three dice, if you get three dots you do nothing. If you get an R you pass a chip or a coin or dollar to the Right and so on. You can lose your money in nothing flat!

Friday, March 26, 2010

When The Red Light Is On..............

That’s an interesting title isn’t it? Well, I had an interesting day and evening yesterday. I decided that my desktop computer was so slow that something had to be done.

The first thing I did was to check to see how many fragmented files I had. Oh, Oh Oh!!! Those were supposed to be taken care of on a schedule. That took forever to get that taken care of. The next thing on my “task list” was to clean up the disk drive. I kid you not there were over two million temporary files to be compressed.

The next thing that had been driving me nuts was my software that I use for pictures and videos and slideshows etc. Remember I said it crashed so I couldn’t show the video of the snowstorm? Well yesterday was the day to download a new software program. I love it. Just love it. It is fast and easy and most of all smooth and the pictures are so perfect.

Well about seven o’clock last night when I usually write my stories, nothing worked. My laptop didn’t work. So then I went out to the desktop and low and behold it didn’t work either. I have a router that joins them together, but that wasn’t registering with me. Of course, if one didn’t work the other one wouldn’t work. So I did what I knew what to do, I rebooted them, then I rebooted them. All to no avail. My husband came to say goodnight and said, “what are you doing?” I said, “oh nothing.” Ha! I just didn’t want to admit what was going on. I was sure he would blame me for cleaning up the computer. Lol

I started try to diagnose the problem myself. Finally I went to bed. When I woke up this morning I knew exactly what was wrong. The server was down! In the old days the “server” was a six foot thing with a bunch of wires that hooked about fifty computers together where I worked. Now a server is this unknown “thing” that determines whether or not my computer works.

I checked again and there was a little red light that was flashing on the modem. Red to green, red to green, etc. I thought that it just didn’t look right. Sooo I logged off, shut the computer off and unplugged it. I drank my coffee and in about three or four minutes, YES!!!!!! I am sure that service call would have cost about eighty dollars. I am so happy with myself.

I am going to see my daughter and her family for a few days. I will miss you, but will see you soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Editing A Video?

I have a brand new blog on My first post was this morning. I had quite a time getting it going, but thanks to my niece, she helped me quite a bit. I thought I would do that this morning after I had my coffee.
I got up this morning and dumped out a fresh pot of coffee that my dear husband had made at five o’clock and didn’t tell me, of course. My eyesight is poor so I didn’t see the coffee. Anyway, so I had to wait for fresh coffee; it made me a bit irritated. I had planned on editing a video after I had my coffee. Best made plans of mice and men you know. Our power had gone out totally, brown outs repeatedly so many times that when I went to use the big desktop, the monitor was blown. I am no expert, but I think that it was a toss up between that and the fact that it is almost seven years old. So instead of seeing a very pretty video of our really pretty snowstorm you will just have to read my “gritchy” post about my morning. Lol
Our “the day after spring” snowstorm delivered us about eight or nine inches of cold whip cream looking snow. It was absolutely beautiful. Our front bushes were heavy with snow as were the trees. That was what was causing the power to dim.
The day before, Fran and I were sitting outside soaking up the warm sunshine and watching Maggie play, go figure!
A trip to Walmart confirmed my fears. We needed a new monitor. I got a really big one. I have to back up so I don’t feel like I am in the front row of a theatre.
You know that feeling, you get this barfy feeling and your eyes cross. Yuk! So I may have made a mistake getting such a big one, but I think I will get used to it.
Any way the video I will do tomorrow, hopefully will look really cool. See you later!
This is a P.S. now my software hit the skids! I will work on it and play it for you in July. How does that sound? lol See you later.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reflections Of Conversations At Our House

Fran says: What are you making for supper?

Lu says: Nothing, I am not hungry.

Fran says: What are you making for breakfast?

Lu says: I am having a bowl of cereal.

Fran says: Would you get me a soda?

Lu says: I got you one last week.

Fran says: I think the dog needs to go out.

Lu says: I am busy on the computer.

Fran says: I want you to look up my Mega Ball numbers.

Lu says: Okay, but you never win.

Fran says: Nothing for the most part, watches television and plays computer games.

Lu says: Do you have a clue how many computer games you have played in the last year?

Fran says: I am trying to beat my score.

Lu says: (shakes her head and doesn't let him see her grin)

Lu says: I love you
Fran says: I love you too, whole big bunch

Lu: Sighs and grins at the man she loves and knows so well.

Fran says: Will you get me a bowl of Jello?

Lu says: Sure, but don’t eat it all, I want some too!

Ain’t Love Grand?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Living With Pickle Relish Flying Through The Air

If any of you or if you know any one that has M.S. you will realize that the signs and symptoms of this dreaded disease is different for everyone. Each person falls into the same category of “difficult to diagnose.” I was a very special person that was easy to diagnose, but only after years and years of symptoms. I can remember they looked for chemical poisoning, Lyme disease, weeks of testing and finally came up with the flu. I was in a wheel chair and had excruciating pain, Charlie horses that drew my hands and toes up with no way to use them. Any way, I am not complaining. I am living with symptoms but not the horrible pain I used to have. I am not using a walker and a cane just occasionally.

I can read again, I can play the piano, and of course, I can play Wii games, but not today. HOWEVER, occasionally these symptoms come back with a vengeance. Today, I cannot hold on to things in the kitchen; I am dropping things, so I walked out of the kitchen. I dropped something that did not break and I am so glad I was very attached to that spoon holder. I broke a sauce dish of my sister’s. I have 2 sauce dishes of a whole set she used to have. Again just nostalgia, then a jar of pickle relish went flying in the air. For some reason I caught the jar and the only thing that went flying was the lid. Friday was a horrible day because my eyesight was so bad I had to have Fran look for things for me and finish sentences for me.

I have had a card for Fran’s new great grandson for almost two months. I have lost the address four times. I am sure it is difficult for people to understand. I finally found out why I lost it. I didn’t click on “save” on the computer. Two days ago I found that the address was incomplete. What a time. I think I finally have it right. These little things I try to find with a sense of humor which helps a lot and I also tell myself how very fortunate I am, which I am. There are some days like today where I walk silently out of the kitchen and whisper my secrets to you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wii Fitness I Am Not!

Last story, I promise about the Wii in our household. Wii Fit Plus says that Fran is obese and I am overweight. Well good grief, we knew that already. Then it assigned us a trainer , but did give us an opportunity to choose the exercises that we wanted to do. We had also chosen our goal to lose the weight we wanted as well as the inches.

I worked on the exercises for about 4 minutes. I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow. I am not kidding

First of all I have not done the hula hoop since I was twelve. I did twenty one swings at that with my hips and Fran did nine. I bragged. I will not be able to walk with out groaning and moaning tomorrow.

I also did Yoga today. I have always been given that Yoga and meditation go together. NOT! There was an animated trainer that said to me, “ Evidently you are not taking exercising seriously, I know that you quit.” How did he know that I quit? I cannot believe that he and I will ever be friends.

Fran says he needs more music to make it more fun. Hmm, I just don’t know if it will ever be fun, but surely if I keep looking at different exercises I might find something I like and even something that HE does not know if I don’t do it. lol

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Faith 'n' Begorra

Once and for all my brother has discovered our ancestry and or heritage on our father’s side. It was pretty much a Hodge Podge of things our dad told us with a few ahems and clearing of throat and tilting of his head. Generally we knew dad didn’t have a clue. Keith had been looking and deciphering and finally found that some of our ancestors did come from Ireland. Can you even believe it? I know my brother desperately wanted to be Irish. I could have cared less.

Well I decided that I would get him some table decorations with an Irish flavor for his visit. Not to be had in our little town, but they did have a great big chocolate chip cookie frosted with wonderfully delicious frosting. In the middle it said, “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” Keith was thrilled and we had all kinds of pictures taken celebrating our wonderful ancestors.

It is a nice comfy feeling to know that once a long time ago one of my ancestors had an Irish brogue and maybe was a bit of a fun person that might have liked to dance an Irish jig after tipping a drop of Irish whiskey. But most of all I hope they were full of fun like Keith and I are. I always wondered where we got our sense of humor. Now where is the pot of gold? Hmm, maybe Keith has this wrong!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wii And We

As some of you know until October I had not seen my brother for over three years and my sister-in-law for over five years. They came to visit in October and we had a ball. We played a card game called thirty one and my sister in law won all of the games. There is much screaming and yelling when you play this game because there are quarters involved.

We did reminiscing and laughing and teasing each other. They met my new husband and treated him like they had known him for years.

We had a surprise a few days ago and it was my brother and he asked if we were going to be home this week end because they were going to be within an hour of our house. Are you kidding? Of course, we would be home. Again what fun we had! This time though it was just for a few hours, but we made the most of the time we had together. We went to visit a friend, we went on a tour of our lake and camp ground, and then we had some snacks while we were waiting and waiting and waiting for supper to get done. It’s a good thing that I planned an oven supper so I didn’t have to mess with it while we were visiting, however, it got put in the oven late. That’s okay it turned out good, thank goodness for a lot of cheese and crackers and salami and dip and chips.

When we got up in the morning I had a plan to show off to my brother my skills on the Wii bowling game. NOT!! He had never played, but his old bowling form remained in tact and he beat me! I cannot believe he beat me. He really enjoyed it and come to think of it so did Fran.

Lots of fun to be remembered with smiles until the next time we can visit. Oh I can’t wait.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Didn't and Still Don't Like To fish

I didn’t go fishing mainly because I wasn’t asked. I WAS asked to cook the fish. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I really didn’t want to fish. When the kids were little, the guys went fishing and the girls stayed in camp and gossiped and giggled and watched our kids and had a really good time.

When the kids were grown and gone and another husband and a new boat (refer to past post) all of a sudden I wanted to fish. No not the kind of fishing where you actually put a live squirmy worm on a hook after you pull it apart first. There is absolutely nothing barbaric about that is there?

As long as I went with my guy fishing he was completely content as was I armed with my girlie magazines or anovel.

I remember one day we had pulled into a cove about a mile or two away from our lake home. At this time it really doesn’t make any difference how far away it was to the house, but that day it could have been the difference between life and death. He was having a wonderful time catching great big fish that were not fit to eat. Carp, drum, gar in my opinion were thrown back in the lake but lots of fun to catch because for one thing they are so big.

People that know me well know that when I read a really good book or story I am lost into the moment or hour as it is or was. I can remember to this day, I was gently but with some urgency told to put my book away and get my life jacket on. I did that, but really didn’t like it because it was hot. He backed out into the lake and at that point I saw the clouds. They were black as coal the wind was howling, and we were racing across the lake as fast as we were able. We were “cutting” through the waves for a smoother trip if that was even possible. I just couldn’t understand this horrible storm that was brewing. It was so calm and cool in the cove that was protected by trees and tall lake reeds.

As we were getting closer to the house I started screaming wanting to know if we were going to capsize. He said, “no everything will be alright.” When we got back to the house we were drenched by the torrential rain and huge waves. It took both of us to get the boat into the boat lift and secure it. We raced into the lower level of the house and proceeded to down a rum and coke in two gulps. I then asked if he had been lying about the boat capsizing. He said, “Absolutely.”

Interesting about life’s memories isn’t it, a person just wonders and shakes their head thinking only by God’s mercy and loving care am I here today.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Elderly" Is A Relative Word!

I have been talking about our lake home in South Dakota. The basement or lower level, was not finished. The walls and floor were cement. I wanted everything painted. Oh my goodness gracious. I had never painted cement block before. I did the walls in two week ends and thought my right arm would fall off. Getting the paint to go into the little bitty holes in those takes forever. You have to roll the paint especially made for basements and then you have to brush the paint into the holes. THEN you have to give it a second coat to get what you missed the first time. There were several times when I wondered out loud since I was there by myself, if this was necessary.

When the walls were done, they looked so nice the floor was next. Once again a big job, but the floor was smooth and therefore, the roller did a good job. The walls were a nice blue and floor was a brown. I really didn’t want a carpet on the floor because of the moisture. We ran a dehumidifier all the time in the summer just because of that.

Because my mother was elderly and a little unsteady we put up a outside railing for her to get into the house from the outside, and another one for her to get downstairs.

I think her favorite place was the upstairs deck. I can remember fixing her coffee and cinnamon toast and putting it on a tray. I would not have to look for her. She always looked like she was just soaking up the sunshine. I was just sitting here thinking, “Awk!” she was only five years older than I am now. Oh, I miss those days! I would have been so much happier if I hadn’t turned that picture over and saw the date.!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, Guess What?

I tended to be independent when I was about forty, or thirty, or twenty or even about fifteen. Any way one day I saw an ad for a lake house at an extraordinarily good price so I bought it. When my husband called he said like always, “so what’s been going on?” So I said, “Well, I bought a lake house today.” He calmly said, What?? Okay. We laughed about that for years. Except on the day that he left it wasn’t mentioned.

Of course, we loved the lake and the house, but we didn’t have a boat. There sat the dock just as nice as can be, but no boat. Once again I found myself looking in the want ads. You have to understand that I knew nothing about boats, motors, trailers etc. But I called about it and I even negotiated the price. I told them I would have to talk to my husband about it. I was told that they needed a check that day or lose it. Well, you guess it, I bought it. Once again, the familiar voice saying, “so what’s going on?” This time my voice was a little tremulous when I said, “Welllll, I bought a boat today.” This time there was silence. He quietly asked me what I bought, if I had the money in the bank etc. Then again he quietly asked me if I would PLEASE not buy anything else until he got home. I assured him that I would not. You know that has been so long ago I don’t remember if I kept that promise or not.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Of God's Beautiful Places

When my youngest son was about ten or eleven, we had an opportunity to buy a house on a lake in South Dakota.

The house was just a few steps from the lake. It had two stories. The lower level had a big picture window that overlooked the lake and had a living room and kitchen and bathroom and a screened in porch for gazing and people watching.

The second level had two bedrooms and really big living room,  a cedar bathroom that smelled heavenly, a fireplace and a deck where you could see practically the whole lake.

We had more company than we had ever had before. Almost every week-end there were several couples to swim and eat. I cooked and cooked and barbequed and we all had a wonderful time. People brought their boats, and knee boards, and flotation devices. We had rowboats that we tied up to the dock so the kids  I didn’t float off to never never land.

In that house, we had a wedding shower for my daughter, and my oldest son had an outside wedding. I have such wonderful memories of that house/home. It was about seventy miles from our home so it was an easy trip for the week-end or for a week’s vacation.

The next few posts will be about this little house and some of the fun things that happened there.

The scenery was absolutely fascinating to my youngest son. He spent a lot of time taking pictures. We would go out on the boat at sundown and he would take snap after snap of not only the sunset, but the birds that loved to follow us. See you soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It Isn't Easy Being A Mom

God gave moms the most difficult job in the world. That’s because it sets the precedent for the future. I had three children, but just two of them that were close in age.

My oldest child was a girl and was very literal. When I told her something she thought that the rules were black and white; there usually was no gray area as far as she was concerned.

One of the things that really bugged me was that she was a tattle tale. She was about four years old when she got to be the epitome of tattling. It seemed to me that her little brother could not even breathe without her running to me to tell me about it. Sooooo, I told her that I would not stand for any more of it. Like I said, she was a very good little girl and took me very seriously because she didn’t like to get into trouble.

One day she came running to me and said, “Mama Mama would it be tattling if I told you that my little brother is out in the middle of the highway in his lawn chair?” I went tearing outside to rescue the dear child. He was sitting there in his little chair waving to the cars as they drove by. Of course, I had a screaming meme   calm visit. I guess it worked because he didn’t do it again. I did watch my little ones, I was a good mother, but when he was little he was like mercury. He would just slip out of sight in an instant.

Footnote: He grew up to be a man and my daughter grew out of her tattling, but that day I was very very grateful, Not only for her message, but that he was okay.