Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Think That Was A Maybe

I had my eyes tested today. I had not had them tested for six years. Needless to say, I got a lecture from the doctor. Well....if I could see okay why spend the money?
Well, today I decided that I was not able to see okay any more. I have the most interesting  problem with my vision. If I look at a word, it actually slides to the left and then returns. During the test I told the doctor, "oh look, the A is dancing. It has different lengths of legs. He just said, "oh, is that right?"  I just know he was smiling.
Then, he showed me the results of one of the tests that they gave me twice. One was very very long and one was half the length. I was to click a mouse when I saw a wavy box. When he showed me the results, he alluded to the fact that I clicked when I didn't see one and didn't click when I did. I kind of fibbed, is what I did. I told the girl, "I think that was a maybe." She just chuckled. The test showed the doctor that I might have a blockage. If in fact I do, then it could be serious. What is serious?  Don't ya just love it?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Training Maggie

We adopted Maggie a little over three years ago. She is extremely spoiled, but we think that she deserves to be a "tad" spoiled because she belongs to us.
We had only had Maggie about three months when my daughter came to visit with her four or five children. Maggie snapped and snarled and had a nervous breakdown while they were here. Well, I didn't snap or snarl, but I did about have a nervous breakdown. I was so terribly worried that she would bite one of the little ones. My daughter wanted to take her for a walk, well she would have none of it!! We finally had to kennel her to keep her from doing bodily harm.
Well.....today we had my son's family for the holiday. Day one with two adults and three little boys; full of energy, running, jumping, yelling etc. Once again, Maggie was snarly, snapping, barking non stop. Once again, I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Once again, Maggie was disciplined, put outside on a run etc. Day 2: Maggie laid at my feet, watching the boys go through a test of activities for her to judge which ones she would go out of control. These activities were set up by my son, because he couldn't believe she could change over night. I told him I thought she believed she might as well get over it because they were going to stay all the time. Not once did she growl, bark, or even got up on her feet. She's such a good little girl.  lol

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back In The Day

Back in the day.......A teenager tends to block out an older person when they hear that intro. However, there were lots of funny, good, and interesting things that "happened back in the day."
The other day I said something about more birthday stories to follow. Well, last year and the year before, I did post some so all I can think of today is one in particular that was about forty years ago.
Yesterday I talked to my sister-in-law and we were laughing and laughing about my "gift" that she and the in-laws gave me; A great big brown paper (yes paper bag for groceries in those days) full of matches. Matches, you say, Yes. In those days, smoking was acceptable, almost expected. I NEVER had a match, so I would swipe anyone's that was laying on the table or ask someone for a match, and "forget" to give them back.
She said that they all got together and got any and all kinds of matches they could find, and put them in this bag. See in those days, (once again the kids slink away) we didn't spend much if any money on gifts. For one thing we didn't have any! So the reminiscing was fun. Funny how some things are "forever memories" and some just flit away like yesterday's news.
Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Birthday Blues

Several years ago, my late husband bought me a bicycle after much begging for one. It was pretty pathetic, actually ie," I never got one when I was a kid, I could get more excersise, you could take care of the kids while I could go for a ride and on it went.
When my birthday came, I got a bike.  It was red and silver. Well, let me tell you, I was one happy lady! It was the kind of bike that I asked for. In this day and age it would be classified as a mountain bike; large seat and large tires. Hmm, I can feel it now and I can also hear the sound of it as it went down the street.
Why I did what I am about to tell you, is unknown to me and my husband and my neighbors, but I parked it at the curb, then promptly got in the car with my kids and ran over my bike!! I had only had it one or two days. I have no clue why I didn't park it by the house.
I quickly took it to my neighbor man and  tearfully, blubbering of course, he asked me what I had done with my NEW bike, and yes, he could fix it ,which he did.
A few days later, I carefully, yes carefully put the bike in Back of my car. The next time I went to the store I backed over it. Yup, I did. That time it wasn't fixable. My sweet husband, said, "I thought you wanted a bike."  I never got another one.
I just told Fran about this post and what it was about. I told him I had thought I had run out of things to write about. He just chuckled and shook his head and said, "I can see you doing that."  What's that mean? Does that mean he never would have bought me a bike for my birthday?
Stay tuned for more birthday stories!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Much?????

My husband and I went to a benefit auction yesterday afternoon for a friend of ours that was in a head on collision. She was so fortunate to live through it. She will have to wait for weeks/months for the law suits to go through.
Any way, there was everything from soup to nuts for sale. I was surprised as was Fran that were so many baked goods. The pies up for auction were just beautiful. I have not seen such pies since my mother was  able to bake.
My best friend loved gooseberry pies.  If any of you have ever made them they are so time consuming. They have little bitty stems that need to be plucked out before baking. I remember buying my friend a gooseberry pie for Christmas years ago. It cost almost $30. I about fainted, but she was worth it.
Fran and I both enjoy auctions, but Mr. Hubby about flipped out when the bidding went to $135 for that gooseberry pie. Several other pies were bid up to over a hundred dollars.
It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard. Our friends were having a ball outbidding each other. When one person won, they would all clap. Fran said, "I think I will send you home to bake some pies." The one plate of cupcakes that a ten year old made sold for twenty five dollars.  Many things sold way over retail price, but it was all for a very good cause.
They had a really nice set of folding chairs that I got for twenty dollars for our shelter. They are black(which I cannot see) with yellow seats. That I can see very well. So we are very pleased. I think they were the last of the things to sell and people were broke and tired. The auction lasted about three hours.
They also had an all you can eat buffet. So......I didn't have to cook!!!
Today the phone rang and I looked at my caller ID and it was my cell phone number. Yay! he got a signal inside the shelter. Things seem to be going our way. Now if we never have to use it, I will be extremely happy. 
Happy summer, everyone!