Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Age?

We have been having an extraordinary amount of rain the last few days. It has been spring weather also in the fifties. When you are older, as some of you may be. Damp and chilly weather makes you very cold. Some people say, "clear to the bone."
We find ourselves talking to each other saying, "was that the furnace or rain?"
Actually, there is no answer to that question. I just smile and think, "I wonder if this is part of aging too?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Confirmation Time

This is the time we think of confirmation and Easter.  We also used to think of white suits and white dresses signifying pureness.
The age of the children vary from church to church. My mother-in-law, Marie was confirmed at eight years old and so was my husband. The picture above is of my mother-in-law.
My grandchildren get confirmed at approximately thirteen years old. This process takes generally two years. There is a lot of memorization of scripture verses and reading of the Bible.
One day I called my daughter's house and I got the second oldest boy. I said, "Hey guy!!" "What are you doing?"  He said, "I am reading my Bible." That took me aback abit in this day and age. I have never forgotten it.
There are some old traditions that hold true and I just love them.

Mountain Lion could have Maggie for Midnight Snack

Fran was telling me this morning that the neighbor man was driving in the park late last night on his way home from work and saw a mountain lion. We have been hearing about the numbers being on the rise around the surrounding countryside.
He told me to be careful when I took Maggie out at night before bedtime. Well, that took off on a whole new note!!  He usually takes her out early in the morning and I take her out late at night. I informed him that from now on, he would be taking her out at night, and I would be on for early morning duty. He disagreed with me loudly!  What a coward!!  Thank goodness we have timber on the east side of our house, or is that a good thing?