Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Weekly Reader Is No Longer

I saw on the news and read on the computer news something that made me feel so old; not that my friends and relatives have just turned eighty. No, that is nothing. The Weekly Reader is no longer being published. I couldn't believe my ears.
To me the Weekly Reader was to my "library" as flour and sugar is to my cupboards now.
The Weekly Reader made me feel so grownup. It was my very own newspaper. I think it was only four pages maybe more. That was a very long time ago.
How many of you remember reading the Weekly Reader?
I just looked it up on the computer. It is now printed for all different grades. The picture you see at the top is for Pre-K. That makes me chuckle. When I was in school, you were either in or you were out. Oh, I forgot we didn't know how to read either. However, we had to tie our shoes (no velcro) and we had to say our ABC's.
Sigh, I know that things change, but I had a youngin tell me today that he understood that OLDER people had trouble with change. Ahem, yup we do, just don't tell me!

Not A Breeze!

Our summer has been so hot! That is all folks talk about no matter where I go. I just love it when people (even my doctor) says, "hot enough for ya?"  No I would just love it to be another twenty degrees hotter. Sometimes I just wonder......
We were told to quit using water to water our lawn, bushes, etc. We could water our garden a little bit, but Fran has done a lot of pulling out plants that continue to wilt because of heat, anyway. The water that he uses has chlorine in it. The garden plants just don't do as well with that as the heavenly showers do.
This terrible heat reminds me of when I was just a little little girl. We had a screen door that faced the south east side of our house. Mom put us on quilts and of course, I complained 'cause "it was too hot, Mama".
There was not a hint of a breeze. My mom didn't get a fan until she was expecting my brother. That was a small table top fan. She always told me  that that fan was a "Godsend." We are so terribly
 spoiled , aren't we?
She would tell me stories when I grew up about the Dirty Thirties. The Dirty Thirties lasted for the better part of a decade.
Because of the drought and wind and poorly insulated houses, she would take wet dishtowels and put over the windows and screens to keep that fine dirt out. We now have airconditioners and machines to clean our air. Hmm.
I guess I will just quit my complaining about something I can't control. Nah, I just can't do it!