Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

William Shakespear made many quotations that stayed with us for generations. Interesting that his quotations made so much sense that all of us could really have made those same remarks. Do you think that if we said that "A Rose By Any Name Would Still Smell The Same." would go down in history for all children to study and would be famous for generations if John Doe had said them?
I was listening to television commercials this morning. (They are my favorite.) When a youngster was playing chopsticks. Someone in the background said "don't you know any other song?"
I told Fran that my mother never said a word about me playing chopsticks over and over again. In fact, at times she would sit with me and play fancy chopsticks while I was playing the melody. Oh what memories. Not, perhaps like Shakespear, but nonetheless remembered for generations.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I Have An Appointment At 11:00

Every time we visit Marie, she says they keep her very busy at the facility. Today we took her a picture of her granddaughter with her brand new twins. Oh, she loved it. She sat there and looked, and talked and smiled. We propped it up so she could see it from her wheelchair or bed.
She is keeping busy with her word finding books, in her spare time which is not so much.
She was telling us that she had a bath and beauty shop appointment at 10:00, a therapy appointment at 11:00 then lunch, then therapy at 1:00.
The pain is much less, the smiles more frequent. She told us that there is not much sense in getting into bed they just get me up again. Fran and I both laughed. It was so much fun seeing those eyes sparkle with amusement.
She has a hummingbird feeder with a zillion hummingbirds and butterflys feeding on all the pretty flowers right outside her big window.  We can just see her getting better every day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Week

see it hurt?
There are some weeks that there are just not enough adjectives to use. This week was, "tired," no that is just not good enough. How about "exhausted", close, but not quite. Walking with a stooped back and cane, oh pain I forgot that one!  Oh, I know, wanting a nap so bad I could have cried. I laid down and bingo! the phone rings. I did not get up to answer it, but I was awake.
Heat adds to the mix and makes it all the worst case of an exhausted mess I have ever experienced.
Tomorrow I am going to mop my kitchen floor and I will actually be very happy that is all I am going to do. Not all I should do, but all I am going to do.
I would just love a cool breeze while I am just snoozing on my patio swing. Drink a lot and keep as cool as you can!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Stories!

Well, we have had quite a week around here. We took Fran's mom to the eye doctor the other day and she was having a terrible time walking. When the exam was over it took a long time to get her out to the car. Fran walked into the house to get her power chair and brought it out to the car. She drove it into the house like a pro.
I asked her if I could help her with lunch or anything else. She said she was just going to pop a tv dinner into the microwave and lay down and take a nap. I thought that was a good idea and told her so. Ten minutes after we took her home we got a call and we were told she had fallen. I called the ambulance and the hospital verified that she had broken her hip.
She is now in the hospital and is taking therapy getting ready to go to a rehab center. Fran and I toured it yesterday and it is beautiful.
Yesterday she had too much pain to do therapy, but today she is much better and was sitting up to eat her meals. She is going to be doing some walking this afternoon.
I thought this post should be all about Marie because she is a large part of our lives. She was telling a lot of stories today but some were new. In the next few days I will relate the stories that you will enjoy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Antique, Vintage, Yummy

For Fran's comfort the last two weeks he needs softer food than normal. Therefore, we have been having pancakes for breakfast and soft sandwiches for lunch.
The maple syrup bottles get so sticky. Yesterday I was washing off the sticky syrup and a thought went through my mind. My mom made her own maple syrup about ninety percent of the time. She served it in a cut glass "syrup pitcher." I never gave it a thought at the time, but that pitcher never got sticky.
Then I had another thought. On the off days, mom would serve maple syrup out of a can. Yeah, out of a can. Funny she didn't have ants all over the place. The can was about the size of a can of shortning. I looked and looked in the history of Karo and they don't show cans, but huge bottles.
I went to E-Bay for vintage. I just hate that word, but, oh well, I guess that includes me too.
They showed several kinds of syrup cans, only one that resembled the kind that mom had. I just had a feeling that she made way too much and stored her left over in the can and may have put it in the ice box. To make a very short story shorter, it was so very very yummy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Middle Of The Night "Guest"

As you know Fran is a master gardner. Having a beautiful garden to him is a dream come true. Well last year we had armadillos that came to visit, not only in the garden, but under the house, in the flower gardens and digging holes in the yard so deep I was afraid to walk out there for fear of falling.
This year I haven't seen tracks of armadillos, but Fran's garden has slowly but surely started to disappear. First the green beans. We were able to get a huge "crop" to can, but still all of a sudden the plants had had a hair cut. All the plants had their tops chewed off. So Fran pulled all the plants up, pulled the beans that remained and gave them away.
This morning he came in with a mixture of anger and discouragement. He said that the deer had been eating the huge tomatos that were on the plants. Not only that, but they also ate the tops of the plants. Of course, that will stunt the growth of future tomatos. The plants may die or the deer have probably told all the relatives about what wonderful tomatos those people on the hill have!
I think what is interesting is that the huge crop of cucumbers remain untouched. I wonder why that is.  Well I have researched and researched what to do to keep deer out of your garden. Oh good grief. There are so many things; rotten eggs, pie tins, ivory soap, and purchased stuff that costs a fortune. Our luck it would rain right after we put that stuff out.
We would give up and buy canned tomatos but they just aren't as good. Do any of you have sure fire things that prevent those pesky beautiful brown eyed guests to eat somewhere else?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It Is So Hot...

I am from South Dakota and Iowa. They make little jokes all the time about it is so cold that your words freeze in the winter and thaw out in the spring. "That's why we have spring showers!"
Well a long time ago I moved to Missouri. The humidity is high here and most of the time we have very warm  hot summers. However, this year it is so hot that something very interesting is happening. The flys don't fly. I kid you not. The flys walk. Yup! I can sit in my chair and watch Maggie pounce on a fly and actually get it. I can slap at a fly and kill it when it "walks" on my arm.  Now I think that that is really hot. If I listen really close, I think I can hear the fly gasp with exhaustion from the crawl/walk. Poor thing, ahem I think not.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stress Headache

Have you ever had a stress headache. Over the years I have had many many of those. When I have those evil things if I rub my temples, it helps some until I quit, then the pounding begins again.
I often think what could be causing this "thing." Is there any one thing that could be causing it?
This morning I knew I was tired; I had had a headache all night. That is so miserable. When I finally gave up and got up. Fran showed up at just the right time. I was attempting to brush my hair with my toothbrush in my hand. I didn't make it, but Fran did grin and ask me if I was alright.
Ok, I will tell you why I was all stressed out. About sixteen years ago my daughter-in-law had given me a pint of multi-colored pear shaped tomatos. In another post I said that I have moved those with me every where I go. They mean so much to  me and many people ask me about them because I have them on display in the kitchen.
Yesterday the pretty jar was gone. I was frantic. I had Fran looking high and low and so did I. I wanted to cry. I thought they may have gotten moved to the fridge, or broken, or whatever!!!
This afternoon, Fran and I were making ourselves a softdrink today. There was my jar of tomatos on a shelf under my papertowels surrounded by little ducks. Don't ask!!  I have no clue, but my headache was instantly gone.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

96 And Counting!!

Nobody likes a party better than Marie!  Every year like clock work she has  another birthday, a pretty cake, company and presents!!
This year was no different. The only thing different was it wasn't as big. Last year she had several grandchildren and children at her party and lots and lots of gifts.
As people get older people don't know what to get them because for the most part they already have what they need. This year she had no problem telling her son from Texas exactly what she wanted, a new electric can opener. When she opened it she told me, "Oh this is just what I wanted, mine is so slow I was afraid it was going to quit someday."
She loved her cake. It was a yellow cake decorated with orange roses. She announced to the group that she did not want any of us to eat at the end where the roses were because she was going to take it home. I begged and pleaded with her to have a bite of roses and then she laughed and said, "Of course you can." She took the lions share of the cake home, a rose bush, a can opener and fresh catfish that her two sons caught for her at our lake. I would personally hate to choose which gift she liked the best. I would bet on the catfish! She got money and cards in the mail and phone calls as well. For the majority of the day she wore a smile.
The pictures show what a good time she was having even though it was a small party. I think the whole thing is that when people come to your very special party that love you, it makes a wonderful party, don't you agree?  Even great grandchildren, grandchildren and children, Oh and don't forget the daughter-in-law!