Sunday, May 30, 2010

Likes And Dislikes

I like lots of things that I shouldn't have. I like fattening foods. I like diamonds and jewels. I love my husband and children. I like and love my friends. I like apple pie, I love babies.
I dislike ice tea. There is just something about it that feels like it is drying my mouth out. Weird, huh? I feel like I am left out because it seems like everyone else likes it and orders it when we go out. I see sun tea jugs sitting out everywhere and they look so cute.
I love love love fast food. We live in the country, so I seldom get to have it. The other day I asked Fran to get me a breakfast sandwich at Burger King. Of course, he was going to get an ice tea. He pushed the wrong button by mistake. He pushed raspberry tea. I asked for a taste. Oh my gosh!!! It is fantastic. I have a new dislike to a love. Cool, huh? I am now in the process of making some. Give it a try if you haven't had it. I think you might like it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Who, Where, Why, When

I have this picture posted before, but for something entirely different. I was cleaning this morning and found this little tiny picture. I kind of grinned to myself and wondered if anyone could identify the kids in this glamour shot and where it was taken. How old are these kids, and why were they all together? And especially why was the little boy in this picture? Are all of these girls alive, and where do they live? Can you identify the girl with the brand new permanent that wanted to "Kill" her mom. lol It is such fun looking at these old photos. On the back it says "Snappy Shots." Isn't that cute? I will give you a hint, this photo was taken with a Brownie Camera.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Starting Over.....

Started over a gazillion times in my life, from the time I first started to learn how to walk, to the first time I tangled with long division in Mrs. Fransico’s class. I couldn’t even get marriage right until I had tried it a few times.

Well last year we planted a really big garden, we were so proud. It rained ten inches in June. In July the wind blew all of the sweet corn down. So this year we discussed all the failures that we had last year. It was decided that we would NOT plant sweet corn and we would plant early so that the plants would have a good start. We could not plant early because this year the rain started early before we could. The rabbits have never bothered our garden before, but I guess they must be hungry. The rabbit was actually caught chomping away on my string beans!

So anyway other than the rabbits, the garden was doing very well. The broccoli was early, but we could deal with that. Then Mother Nature turned on the water. I have no idea why, we had plenty of water. So far in about fifty hours we have gotten well over seven inches of rain. At the top of this page, you will see sad green beans or no green beans, tomatoes that have laid down, and cabbages and spinach that are just pleased as punch. Sigh! What to do, you just can’t out guess her. I Guess we will start over when the rainy season is over. Hmm wonder when that is. You may notice in one of the pictures there is a soaker hose laying by the beans. I think I will burn it!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Don't Wash Off The Lines!


Nostalgia is a word that brings to mind several different emotions. Those of you that have read some of my posts can see that most of them make you smile. They are about my children when they are little; anything from streaking to stealing raspberries.

The other day I was cleaning the outside of the cupboards and some woodwork going into the kitchen from the living room. I could just hear my little one saying, “measure me daddy, measure me daddy. I think I am getting bigger.”

His daddy would smile, get out the old fashioned yard stick and say, “ok, get over here and stand up straight.” The little back would almost arch trying to get as tall as he could. He would lean his head tight, tight so his dad wouldn’t make a mistake. Those marks of progress were made with pencil, name, and date to mark the height of my little one. This remained something that happened until their dad died. I can remember teenagers lining up to get measured.

My father started this tradition when my little ones were really little and they loved it. When I sold my parents home the marks of height were still right by the door and was just about the last thing I saw as I locked the door.

Nostalgic today, I miss my little kids, my parents, and most of all the simple traditions of raising my little ones. I never washed off those measurements, they were just too precious. Do any of you measure your little ones?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

I Just Don't Want To!

When my youngest son was about seven, I was a single mom. I always put his folded clothes on our open stairway for him to put away. Inevitably he would walk around them to go upstairs. I guess this habit was a family tradition because his older brother and sister did the same thing. By the third time around, however, this “habit” did not fly with me so I told him in no uncertain terms that he would put them away. He told me tearfully that he just didn’t want to. He was not being sassy, but just being truthful.

As he grew up and became a teenager, the same “habit” held true to the cleanliness of his room. When I told him to clean his room, he again told me I just did not understand. He said, “but Mom, I just don’t want to and besides that I like it that way!”

My mother had the same problem with me as do all mothers I am sure getting their children to do things that they do not want to do. I was a bit mouthy to my mother at times and I can remember telling her that when I grew up I would do exactly what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it. I can also remember her smiling at me and shaking her head as she walked away from me.

I did do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it and where I wanted to do it. I wanted to eat and I wanted money to buy the food, so I had to work, and I had to choose where I wanted to work and on and on. Oh, Mother, I did miss you on your Mother’s Day yesterday. Your words haunt me and probably will forever.